TRAIL-O (Trail orienteering)
PreO – Open competition with free order

Date: 7 June 2014 (Saturday)
Organizing team: Trail-O group Farmaceut Bratislava
Event centre: sport areal Nevädzová (Ružinov sport club) in Bratislava – Ružinov, near business centre Retro.
Coordinates: N 48°09’08.656″, E 17°09’23.391″
event centre – parking 50 – 500 m
event centre – start 0 m
event centre – finish 0 m
Registration: every time from 13.30 to 16.00 in event centre
Start: every time from od 14.00 do 16.00, start interval 1 – 2 minutes
Parking: free parking near event centre (please observe the rules on the road, there are penalties for improper parking). It is also possible to park in the underground parking of a shopping centre retro, where parking is free the first three hours, each next started hour is charged € 2. We have limited reserved parking spaces in special elementary school Nevädzová (150-200 meters from the event centre).
Beginners – Route designed for beginners
E-Open (Elite Open) – Route for those who think about the Trail-O seriously
CP Description: on the maps
Map: Evičkine Trávniky – Trail-O, 1:4000, E=2,5m, ISSOM, actualized May 2014, authors Ján and Dušan Furucz.
Special symbols: black cross – big billboard, jungle gym, soccer goal
WC: in business centre Retro, for handicapped competitors at the place of the special elementary school Nevädzová (150-200 meters from the event centre).
Time limit: Beginners – none, E-Open – 110 minutes.
Length of courses:
Beginners – 0.7 km, 8 CPs, one time CP in finish.
E-Open – 2.1 km, 22 CPs, two time CPs in finish.
Punching system: for each control (decision-making) position available needle punches to punch into paper control card except A-Z controls. It is necessary identify only one flag and there are not needle punches (You should punch it on next CP).
Note: The Trail-O allows the movement only on asphalt roads or unpaved pedestrian – car journey (ISSOM 2007 – 506 mark) unless it is not explicitly permitted on the map by purple dotted line. Please adhere to these rules. Some roads will be marked by purple lines on the map at the beginning, which in this case means no entry. There are not any marks in terrain (we hope that you are very well skilled in precision orientation and you will provide your activities according to the rules and fair play. It is not allowed communication between competitors under normal Trail-O race and it is expected that you will not disturb other competitors in the race. Please adhere to this rule.
Terrain description: Settlement with movement on asphalt pavements without elevation.
Prizes and ceremony: The competition will be classified. The first three competitors in category beginners will obtain sweet prizes. The first three competitors in category E-Open will obtain USB sticks (32, 16, 8 GB) and sweet prizes. The ceremony will be after 17.00 or sooner if it will be possible.
Protests or objections: verbally or in writing form to event director or course setters.O problems.
Organizing committee:
Event Director: Ján Furucz
Event Course Setter: Dušan Furucz
Opponent: Ján Furucz

All the competitors start at their own risk, with no possibility for claim in case injury happened during or as a cause competition.

Thanks Ružinov sports club that they provide us event centre.
Thanks ŠK Bratislava that has provided us the map on the race.
Thanks Silvia Petruchová for her assistance with social equipment for handicap competitors, for parking and for her unstinting desire to pursue Trail-O.
And last but not least, we thank our biggest sponsors who are our beloved wife and children, who tolerate and support us in our efforts to develop Trail-O in Slovakia.

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