Instructions of Slovak championships in PreO sprint – 15th August 2023

Bulletin 2 (Instructions)
Slovak championships in PreO sprint
15th August 2023
Organizing team:Slovak Orienteering Association 
ŠK Farmaceut Bratislava
Classes:E – Open
Entry fee:voluntary
Entries:free on place
Prizes and ceremony:The first three competitors in overall classification will be awarded by practical prizes. The first three competitors registered in Slovak orienteering association will obtain medals in Slovak championships.
Contacts:Šimon Mižúr
Phone: 00421 910 933109
Zero tolerance:4m or 8m no exceptions (info will be in descriptions).
Fair play:Please keep fair play.
Date:15th August / Tuesday
Event centre:close village Budimír (forest qualification arena of WMOC)
Detailed info from WMOC site
Route from Košice
Route from Prešov
Coordinates:48.793358, 21.275357
Start and start list:15:00 after end of the forest qualification WMOC race
Free start list
Same way as way to Start 1 of WMOC (about 1400m)
Course:20 controls, 370m, max limits is 32 minutes
Format:AZ format (only answers A or Z) – free order
Maps:Viničná – TrailO
Map on right: 1:4000 scaled from original mapped scale 1:10000, E=5m, part of WMOC map
Map on left: 1:4000 generated from laser scan data. Only contours and shaded relief. E=1m

Previous orienteering map
Format of course:PreO sprint is new discipline. It is fast format a focus on accurate decisions. Course length and decision times are much shorter as typical. Classification by total points (one point for each correctly solved control) minus a penalty of 1 point for each 1 min past the maximum allowed time. Total time used on the course will be used as a tiebreaker (selected info from IOF PreO Sprint Specification).

Special info for this competition:
Two version of the map will be used.

On right will be classic foot orienteering map (part of forest qualification map of WMOC) scaled to 1:4000 from original 1:10000 scale. Corresponding generalization and e=5m.

On left willl be map generated from laser scan data. Scale is 1:4000 and e=1m. Only contours and shaded relief.

Tasks (controls) will be divided between two maps (10 + 10)

Example of competitor map.
Terrain description:Classic forest with some terrain details.
All competitors take part voluntarily and on their own responsibility, without any claim in case of injury during or because of this competition later on.
We look forward to your participation.